HashtagNYU is a social media brand curating and sharing the NYU story one tweet, video, and gif at a time. The concept of community is complex at NYU — a campus “in and of the City” without campus walls and a global network with 13 campuses outside of New York City. As the largest private university in the country, there are few common experiences that all NYU students may experience — so HashtagNYU meets students where they are to celebrate NYU, shrink the psychological size of the University, and create a sense of belonging. Our content aims to delight students and add value to their journey and is created by students, for students.

Here are some of my favorite pieces of the content we produced:

One Word. One World. was an annual tradition where incoming students could introduce themselves to the NYU community by choosing one word that describes them and then sharing a photo or video that encapsulated that word. Finalists were featured at the Presidential Welcome for the entire 6,000 person class at Madison Square Garden.

Watch other finalist videos here.

HashtagNYU was created, in part, to help shrink the psychological size of NYU. With its size and complexity, the University can seem massive and bureaucratic. For those who know NYU President Emeritus John Sexton, you come face to face with a compelling visionary who one minute can have a stimulating intellectual discussion and next connect emotionally and offer you a hug. Most students did not have any sense of who John Sexton was, so John Sexton in 60 Secondsand other posts getting to know NYU’s Power Hugger — was created to get to know John.

NYU Momentum was a campaign to raise one billion dollars for student scholarships. The University Development office partnered with us to produce a student-created video that could convey the emotional importance of scholarships providing access to an NYU education.

New York University is a private university in the public service, and with excellent programs impacting politics and public administration, the University opened its second U.S. campus in Washington DC. To showcase NYU’s new campus and new City, we produced a video giving a Day in the Life of NYU Washington DC.

Our team, along with some hungry students, headed to Pommes Frites to see if it was as delicious as it sounded! NYum features different cuisines and delicacies — like the Cronut — in and around the City.

Salivate over other delectables here.

With NYU having a non-traditional campus in the heart of New York City, The Soundtrack of NYU was a way to get to know students on campus as they go about their day.

The NYU Office of Public Safety was updating a system allowing students to upload a photo for their NYU Card — rather than wait in line during Welcome Week to take the photo — and needed help communicating the NYU Card Photo Submission Guidelines. Students, Public Safety Officers, and NYU President Emeritus John Sexton help deliver the message for a smooth upload.

Oh, Palladium Brunch, the stuff of legends and dreams. Every Sunday, all-semester-long, students are allowed free reign inside every foodie’s paradise (for a measly meal swipe). What sorts of wonders might one find within the walls of this dining hall?

(And, yes, all the GIFs depict actual, mouth-watering food found at Palladium.)

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The NYU life can sometimes feel like a movie… so we made posters to accompany the experience. See more here and here.