NYU Real Talk

With NYU having both the highest population of international students in the U.S. and the highest number of students studying abroad — it is challenging to prepare students for the culture and complexity of NYU. We asked students and alumni to candidly share their experiences of arriving and flourishing at NYU, setting the tone that NYU — and NYC — can be a trying and lonely place at times, but that the journey to find yourself and your communities are worthwhile.

So, what's life at NYU really like? With every student comes a different story. Introducing "Real Talk" - a new series of seven incredibly honest and exciting stories told by current NYU students from all walks of life.

“It’s really easy to find someone — or something — that you have a connection to…”

Meet Drew Washington.

“The most shocking thing for me was understanding how I fit in in the City…”

Meet Cesar Francia.

“Community is something you identify yourself with. These communities define you.”

Meet Jessica Hawk.

“I’m always on film shoots, I’m a film student, and I have a group of people finally who understand me, and who accept who I am.

Meet Chriz Naing.

“In the beginning, it’s gonna be hard at times… Just accept that.”

Meet Joosje Duk.

“What’s going to get people to connect with you is how much you care about what you do…”

Meet Juan Felipe Beltrán.

“It made me appreciate where I came from.”

Meet Sandra Tan.